Innovation and Technology Assistance Program : ITAP

Thanks to specialized academic-background knowledge and technical guidance from Assoc. Prof. Songklod Jarusombuti, Department of Forest Products, Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University, the Company Group managed to improve the efficiency of the wooden furniture manufacturing processes, significantly reducing wood wastage. His advice includes developing our competitiveness by joining the Innovation and Technology Assistance Program (ITAP) under the supervision of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) which aims to support the development of innovation and manufacturing technology such as our projects on sawmill operating planning, and lumber drying chamber from 2013 to present.

Production Planning and Scheduling for Sawmill

The Making of Lumber Drying Kiln

Thanks to Assoc. Prof. Songklod Jarusombuti whose advice on improving and optimizing the efficiency of the spraying room, it results in better quality paints, cutting losses and costs, minimizing paint-related odors, and preventing airborne dust that presents serious risks for the health of employees and residents who live nearby the plant.